National Mortgage Professional Magazine in partnership with Spring EQ presents a very exciting series of webinars focusing on:
 Opportunities that Exist in Home Equity
Join Spring EQ as we unpack all aspects of Home Equity Lending in a series of fast paced educational webinars. 2nd mortgage Home Equity Lending is often misunderstood. It has come in and out of favor throughout the years. Originators refer them to other companies, they think they are not worth the effort and worst of all, they let their past clients find ways of borrowing without giving trusted advice.

Through the last decade, the overall Home Equity in the country has skyrocketed; however, 2nd mortgage Home Equity Lending volume has dropped. For the first time since 2008, liquidity in the 2nd mortgage home equity market is improving. New products are being introduced and offered by brokers, lenders and servicers. Originators can now make real compensation and more importantly use 2nd mortgages as part of their overall strategy to keep their customers close between first mortgage  transactions.
What You Will Learn On These Free Webinars:
  • Using Home Equity Lending stop borrowers from bypassing you for Fintech
  • Why borrowers are using other forms of borrowing right after they move into their new home
  • How you can easily incorporate Home Equity Loans into your offering to improve the overall value of your past clients and keep them close

How Industry Leaders are looking at the 2nd Mortgage Home Equity Segment and why this is an important shift in our market

Thursday, January 23

@ 2:00PM ET, 11:00AM PT

JC Faulker

If you are a mortgage company executive or would like to get a high-level perspective on the Home Equity Segment, this webinar is a must attend. Join us as we discuss the servicing and retention side of the business with JC Faulker, Spring EQ Board Member and Investor. 

Your clients just bypassed you for financing and they didn't even say goodbye!

Thursday, February 20

@ 2:00PM ET, 11:00AM PT

Jerry Schiano and Tod Highfield

Evidence is clear that our clients go elsewhere for financing after they move into their home. For the first time since 2008 mortgage companies can earn real compensation on 2nd mortgage product. Join John Neihart, Jerry Schiano, and Tod Highfield, as we share information about this current phenomenon, how it affects the value of your and your realtors' past clients. 

"How to Originate 2nd Mortgage-Home Equity Products" Case studies with top producing equity expert Lauri Preedge

Thursday, March 19

@ 2:00PM ET, 11:00AM PT

Lauri Preedge

For those that know you want to add 2nd mortgage Home Equity lending to your strategy moving forward, this webinar will show you real life scenarios of how originators have been using this product to boost their purchase volume as well as revenue from stand alone 2nds featuring Lauri Preedge.
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